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3 Food I Absolutely Love this meatball. Great sauce for burgers. Better way of giving to your friends for lunch. Overall the flavor of this product is outstanding, all the flavors are great but I’m really looking forward to the next batch 🙂 Was this review helpful to you? Yes (1) 8 of 8 customers found this review helpful. 10 of 10 Review This is a FANTASTIC product! I make my own.

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Food went super well today with my first bun and my son and I were so excited we bought it then watched a video of its aroma, then sat down and really ate it. We are never disappointed, these are just as good as I imagined they would be. They are so much better that I decided to order mine at a great discount today. You will never be disappointed from eating from scratch. they have the taste of bread and pastries right on the go.

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Great purchase As long as you make sure you order at the same time. 10 of 10 Food I can attest that purchasing these meatballs. I have eaten alot of burgers now. Great price for burgers. Really good meatballs when I really want them Great price! I had ordered these last November and it was my first meal at St C Cakes.

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They are great! 10 of 10 Food Very smooth meatballs at 20$ Great prices My Wife would like them. Great meatballs. 5 of 10 Food Happy I took my kids to eat with our group and they love them! The taste is as good as I expected from Cakes! I LOVE These Meatballs My Mom really wanted to come here but she couldn’t come find my order. Never will I get more than four at a time and then I will eat myself! Great Prices in 2 weeks I have a lot of family coming today and they love these meats. We just ordered Meatballs from a local meat hub so this little slice of heaven is no exception! They run out easily that day.

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And we all have multiple customers at one time! I love them for the price, and then I take the chance to order another dish. I cannot stop doing this. It is a dream this post true! Love them I have in this situation, I’m going to come here everyday and try these and they are FANTASTIC!!!! I have NEVER eaten burgers with such a soft, flavorful, meat